the story of movies

The Story of Movies (, TFF’s innovative educational initiative, is the result of a partnership of filmmakers and educators to create a curriculum to help students better understand the language of film.

By introducing young people to classic cinema, the program encourages an appreciation of film as an artistic, cultural and historical document, leading to an awareness of the importance of artist’s rights and the need to protect our motion picture heritage.

Each curriculum unit is distributed completely free of charge. To date, the program has been used by nearly 150,000 educators at more than 45,000 schools across the country. 

What are teachers in your region saying about The Story of Movies?

“I would like to create a film class -- viewing is such an important part of language arts and is often neglected in public education.”

7th- 8th grade Language Arts Teacher
San Bruno, California

"Everything you have set up has been great."

7th- 8th grade English Teacher
Kirkland, Washington

"Please tell everyone at The Film Foundation how much we appreciate your programs."

9th grade English Teacher
Pueblo, Colorado

"Top notch, well done!"

8th grade Social Studies Teacher
Eagen, Minnesota

"THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL tied in great with the Cold War Unit the students were simultaneously studying in history."

7th grade History Teacher
Johnston, Iowa

"I would like to thank you for creating the lessons on The Story of Movies web page. The lessons and activities are amazing and my students will be able to relate to film over live theater."

6th- 8th grade Theater Arts Teacher
Leander, Texas

"Terrific work. This is an amazing plan that you’ve put together -- very helpful for a teacher."

9th grade English Teacher
Waterville, Maine

"This is an excellent curriculum in a format that keeps the student’s interest while learning valuable lessons, insight and critical thinking. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource."

11th- 12th grade Language Arts Teacher
Suffolk, Virginia

"I can’t think of anything this program lacked.”

11th- 12th grade History and Language Arts Teacher
Atlanta, Georgia

©reativity on film

"Making Movies: A Guide for Young Filmmakers" is a step-by-
step manual which explains the filmmaking process from story
concept to completed film, and includes tips from professionals, production exercises, and an 8-week filming schedule.